Perks of Dual Monitors

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Upgrading to a dual monitor system

Dual Monitor Setup Geekknowtech Blacktown Parramatta Wetherill Park Small Business

Small businesses are always seeking ways to ensure their employees make effective use of computers. But before you go out and buy bigger hard drives and faster processors, you should consider upgrading your desktops to a dual monitor system. Read on to find out about the advantages of using two monitors per desktop.

Enhanced productivity

A survey by Jon Peddie Research shows that working with dual monitors increases overall productivity by 20–30%. Computer programmers, for example, can use one screen for source coding and the other for programming. By using dual monitors, they no longer need to toggle back and forth between tabs. This frees up time to complete more projects.

Better Multitasking

Multitasking effectively necessitates enough screen area to keep numerous applications visible at the same time, which single monitors can’t provide. Workers like as customer service agents and web designers would no longer waste time scrolling up and down and adjusting windows to match the limited space with a dual monitor system. Instead, the increased visibility provided by multiple monitors allows them to concentrate on accomplishing their work precisely and quickly.

Easier layouts, image and video editing.

With dual monitors, the days of stacking numerous editing tools on top of the newsletter, slide presentation, image, or video you’re working on are long gone. Instead of your screen looking like a game of Mahjong, you can position the editing tools on one screen and use the other monitor for the file you’re working on. With better visibility, you’re less likely to commit errors and more likely to accomplish the task faster.

Effortless product comparison

Imagine that you want to buy a camera, and you have two models in mind. Of course you want to look up and compare their specs before making a final decision.

If you had only one monitor, you’d need to go back and forth from one tab to another. But if you had two monitors, you could view the models side by side to help you clearly see their differences and make an informed purchase.

Want a dual monitor setup for your employees? We can help you roll it out.
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