How to stop your laptop from overheating and how to cool it down

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We’ve ALL been there. You’re working away on that big monthly report for work and all of a sudden you start to hear what sounds like a fan going into overdrive. Panicked, you pick up your laptop and it’s super hot to the touch! Your computer starts working slower than usual and you even get the dreaded ‘spinning wheel of death’.

Overheating on laptops is a regular problem these days, especially given how many things we use our computers for. It’s no surprise that our laptops get hot from work, study, online shopping, and even binge-watching TV series and movies. The good news is that there’s a lot you can do to keep your laptop cool as a cucumber (figuratively speaking, of course!).

Why do laptops overheat?

It’s very straightforward: laptops overheat due to a lack of airflow. An older laptop may overheat as a result of trying to run too many programmes at once, but most newer computers begin to develop heat simply because their vents are blocked or the internal fan is blocked.

A failing battery is another reason of laptop overheating. Many PC-style laptops and earlier Macbooks have removable lithium batteries that can overheat, which may sound dramatic. One important suggestion is to constantly use the battery until it is practically dead, then recharge it. Leaving it plugged in isn’t good for it’s longevity, and it can also draw unwanted heat.

How to check if a laptop is overheating?

Place your hand near the vents and check for hot air if you sense the bottom of the laptop heating up. It’s likely that it’s overheating if it’s warm to hot. It’s most likely working normally if it’s chilly or neutral. However, if there is very little or no air (and your computer is running slower than usual), the fan may be clogged or have ceased working completely.

Cleaning your laptop’s fan can be difficult, especially if you’ve never done it before. We don’t advocate trying to fix this problem yourself unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing, so give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you!

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How to fix an overheating laptop

Cooling down an overheating laptop is the only surefire way to cure it. It may appear straightforward, but your computer will not necessarily be harmed if it overheats (unless it continues to stay hot). Keeping a laptop on a hard, flat surface is one of the simplest ways to prevent it from overheating. Air will be able to travel underneath your laptop and reach the vents in this manner.

Investing in a laptop cooler or cooling pad is another option. These handy stands assist keep the air flowing while you’re working on your laptop, but make sure you pick the proper one for your machine or the problem will get worse.

Ways to reduce laptop heat

As the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than a cure’, so let’s take a look at a few ways you can stop your laptop overheating before it can start.

Keep your laptop out of the heat.

Yes, keep your laptop away from any heat sources, especially direct sunshine. Your laptop is most likely comprised of a mix of metal and plastic, both of which readily absorb heat. Stay in the shade to save yourself a headache!

Use a portable lap desk

Invest in a lap desk if you want to use your laptop in bed or while relaxing on the couch. They’re fantastic because they usually have a cushioned base and a hard surface top, which is ideal for keeping your laptop away from your body’s heat and the air circulating in and around it.

Raise your laptop!

Laptop stands, or even a book, underneath your computer can do wonders for reducing overheating. Any object, like the cooling pads mentioned above, that can put some space underneath the laptop is going to help immensely.

Get the fan checked out!

It’s possible that the heat is caused by anything inside the computer, rather than something you’re doing while using the laptop. Give our Geeks a call and get your computer in for a checkup if it’s overheating on a frequent basis after you’ve followed the tips above. We can inspect the fan, clean it, and make sure there’s nothing else unusual going on inside.

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