Sydney Trains runs AI over CCTV footage to detect trespassers

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Automatically detects tunnel intrusions

In an effort to reduce fatalities and costly delays, Sydney Trains has begun using artificial intelligence to automatically analyse real-time camera feeds to detect trespassers.

In underground stations across the heavy rail network, video analytics software that has been trained to identify people entering tunnel areas in CCTV footage has been deployed.

Tracing trespassers has traditionally been difficult, even with over 13,000 CCTV cameras and a 24-hour security team.

However, with the new software, the security team at Sydney Trains is immediately notified when an intrusion is detected and can respond accordingly.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance stated that the “technology is already in use, with seven trespassers apprehended attempting to access tunnels from the platforms.”

“In each case, security personnel were able to respond quickly and without injuring anyone,” he said in a statement.

Sydney Trains CEO Matthew Longland added that there were four deaths from 2370 trespass incidents on the rail network alone last fiscal year, with tunnels being one of the most dangerous places.

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“Trespassers cause extensive disruption for customers, with delays of up to four hours and an average of 6.5 incidents a day,” he said.

“This AI video analytics technology is a first for NSW – we’re utilising our existing CCTV infrastructure to make it an incredibly savvy solution to a deadly and costly problem.”

The detection and prevention of trespassers entering tunnels is the second instance in which Sydney Trains has used AI across CCTV footage in recent months.

Sydney Trains began testing AI last year to detect and report suspicious and violent incidents across the rail network.