What is managed antivirus?

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Let’s face it: while technology is indispensable, it is becoming increasingly difficult to handle. Many business owners are having difficulty ensuring that all of their systems are not just operational but also secure. Many people look to an IT partner’s skills and help as a solution. These technology partners provide a wide range of managed services, including managed antivirus solutions that help keep computers safe. Many business executives, on the other hand, are unsure what managed antivirus solutions are.

What exactly is managed antivirus?

Most people have heard of the word “antivirus” by now. They are aware that the bulk of solutions are paid for on a monthly or yearly basis. By subscribing, the program’s creator will keep virus databases up to date, allowing scanners to detect infections during a computer scan. This form of antivirus software is frequently referred to as unmanaged, owing to the end-ability user’s to refuse updates, turn off the scanner, and delete it.

IT partners provide a managed antivirus service. These IT professionals will instal the software on PCs and other devices and then oversee the solution. They’ll also make sure scanners are up to date and scans are scheduled at a convenient time, ensuring that PCs are protected. The best way to think of these solutions is as services given by a firm to care after your computers and keep them safe from viruses.

Benefits of managed antivirus solutions

Companies that choose to integrate a managed antivirus solution generally see five main benefits.
  1. All systems will be secure to the same degree — Your IT partner will ensure that software is installed on all of your systems when you choose a managed service. This means that the same antivirus programme should be installed on all of your systems, and the antivirus should be updated regularly to guarantee that systems are protected from new security threats.
  2. It is easier to manage – Managing your antivirus solution can be difficult, especially in larger organisations where many solutions may be required. Your antivirus solutions are monitored by tech experts when you engage with an IT partner. This is an excellent alternative for business owners who aren’t very tech-savvy or for an overburdened IT department.
  3. The solutions can be low-cost – The majority of managed antiviral systems are sold on a monthly basis, with organisations paying per user. This option is more cost-effective per user for some businesses than a non-managed solution. This is especially true if you need to acquire many licences since you have a large number of users.
  4. Management is continual – Many people disable antivirus protection in unmanaged systems because it slows down their machine or they believe their usage habits do not jeopardise security. Antivirus solutions that are managed cannot usually be uninstalled or turned off, ensuring that your systems are always protected.
  5. Your systems are truly protected – Regardless of how secure your systems are or what precautions you take to prevent malware from entering, you will almost certainly become infected at some point. It may be difficult to totally eliminate the virus once you’ve found it. IT partners are qualified to accomplish this swiftly and efficiently, and can typically entirely eradicate the virus, guaranteeing that your systems are safe.
If you are looking for a managed antivirus solution, contact us today as we may have a solution that will work with your business.