New productivity tools to try in Microsoft 365

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Microsoft has announced new and improved Microsoft 365 features. These enhancements, which were unveiled at this year's Microsoft Inspire conference, are more relevant than ever and were created with the needs of the hybrid worker in mind. From third-party integrations in Teams to clever Outlook tricks, here's a rundown of what to expect from the latest version of Microsoft 365.

Work seamlessly with Windows 365

Windows 365 is a cloud service that provides users with a more powerful and agile version of Windows 10 or 11. Windows 365, also known as the “Cloud PC,” allows you to access your entire PC — including personalised apps and settings — from any device. This means that Windows 365 users can start working right away from anywhere, which is especially useful when completing an urgent task or making the most of a productivity streak.

Windows 365 eliminates the logistical complexities and security concerns that frequently stymie effective hybrid working. With a Cloud PC, you can start working on your office computer, pick up where you left off on your tablet during your commute, and resume work on your desktop the next day if you work from home.

Experience a more powerful Teams app

Teams now has a slew of new apps that will undoubtedly make Microsoft’s communication platform even more collaborative. Atlassian’s Confluence Cloud, which allows users to take notes during a Teams meeting, is one of the new apps coming to Teams. To make the key points of the meeting more digestible, the notes can be formatted as action items, mentions, tables, and so on. In addition to this feature, the notes are easily shareable in the Teams channel, allowing everyone to immediately access a copy of the meeting minutes.

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Salesforce will also be available for Teams. With the Salesforce for Teams app, you can integrate Salesforce records into different chats, calendar meetings, or channels so you can access and refer to the documents during discussions.

There is also a new Q&A app that will help improve question and answer sessions in large group meetings or webinars. Attendees can now ask and respond to questions from other participants throughout the meeting, and organisers can moderate discussions by filtering responses, marking the best answers, and pinning posts. This adds structure to the Q&A and makes it easier for everyone to find relevant information.

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Get better organised to improve productivity

When you have a lot on your plate, it’s easy to become disorganised. It is much easier to prioritise tasks, organise events, and take necessary breaks with Microsoft 365’s new features.

For example, you can now pin emails to the top of your inbox, making it easier to find important emails later. Message reminders in Outlook will also help you stay on top of your tasks by prompting you to respond to emails you may have missed.

There’s also no need to sift through thousands of documents to find the right files to attach to your plan in Microsoft Planner. The app can now show you a list of files related to your agenda that you might want to attach, helping you save time and effort.

Furthermore, a new Outlook setting allows you to schedule meetings early or late, allowing you to take necessary breaks between back-to-back engagements. Breaking up meetings gives you and your employees a chance to breathe and keeps you from feeling overwhelmed or burned out.

We’ve only scratched the surface of Microsoft 365’s most recent features. Please contact us if you want the most recent information on this subject. Our technical experts are always available to answer your questions.